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Amateur Radio Articles

Projects / Systems

Portable Communications System 2021 (pdf)


Portable Antenna Systems (pdf)

Compact Multi-Band Rotatalbe Dipole Antenna Array (pdf)

NVIS (pdf)

Antenna Feedline Cable Comparison (pdf)

Lightweight Backpack Antenna Assembly (pdf)

Mast and Antenna for Field Day (pdf)


Portable Voice and Digital Emergency Communications System (pdf)

HT Booster System (pdf)

Portable Emergency AC/DC Power Supply (pdf)


D-Star the Easy Way Using the DV Dongle (pdf)

D-Star and Programming (pdf)

Echo Link and IRLP (pdf)

Narrow-Band Emergency Message System (EBEMS) - MT-63 Operating Instructions (pdf)

Software Download Page (FLdigi and FLmsg recommended) (pdf)

Software Download for Sound Card CheckSR.exe

Portable APRS Packet Winlink Digipeater Igate Communications System (pdf)

Hyperterminal for Windows Vista and 7 with instructions (zip)


ITU Phonetic Alphabet (pdf)

Radiogram (pdf)

Ham Radio Frequencies for NY and NJ (pdf)

Suffolk County Elevations (pdf)

Mapquest and Mobile Devices (pdf)

Long Island Topographical Maps (zip)

FCC Human Exposure Guidelines (pdf)

Time Zones of the World (pdf)

U.S. Call Sign Regions (pdf)

Preparing for the Influenza Pandemic (slide show - pps)

Preparing for the Influenza Pandemic (slide show - pdf)

Preparing for the Influenza Pandemic (support document - pdf)

Connectors / Wiring / Mounting

SAE 2 Pin Power Connector Wiring (pdf)

RS232 to DB9 Connector (pdf)

SCS-PTC Pactor Modem to Yaesu (pdf)

Garmin Emap to Kenwood D7A and D700 (pdf)

J & M Headset (pdf)

Quick Install Uninstall Mobile Radio (pdf)

Removable Automobile HF Radio Mount (pdf)

Radio Installation Guide - Chrysler (pdf)

Radio Installation Guide - Ford (pdf)

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