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Motorcycle Articles

Helmet Sizing


There are two basic anatomical models of the human head facing directly at the head. One where the width from side to side of the jaw is narrower than the width from side to side of the head. The second is where the widths are the same. Most current helmet designs use the first model making it difficult to fit a person with a head of the second model. Then, there is the oval shape of the head. I looked up human head anthropometry and found this to be the most common head measurements (front to back and side to side):
Men = 7.2 in (18.3 cm) x 5.2 in (13.1 cm) (ratio: 1:1.38)
Women = 6.9 in (17.5 cm) x 4.3 in (12.5 cm) (ratio 1:1.60)

Some helmets have narrower cheek pads than others. The cheek pads in many helmets are removable and can be replaced with narrower or wider sizes. Some helmets are too narrow in the jaw line for people with heads in the second model because they are made for people in the first model. Replacing the cheek pads with narrower ones may not work if the helmet shell is too narrow. When placing a helmet on one's head, spread the jaw line apart. However, there is a limit of how much the helmet can be spread apart, especially with the newer more rigid materials that are used.

I'm a person with a normal oval head shape (radio 1:1.35) and a wide jaw. My head width and jaw width are about the same. Half helmets fit fine, but lack protection. I tried using a much larger size helmet. Then, adding one or more pieces of web belt under the helmet headband liner. However, this method makes the helmet drop drown too far over my forehead. If I added material to the top inside of the helmet, it would block the air flow. Finding a helmet to fit can be a long and arduous task. Below is a database of measurements that include helmet width in the jaw area that may help in finding a helmet that fits.

Update. On 1/11/16 the people at Revzilla measured many helmets for me. They recommended the Bell Mag 9 Sena Helmet. I ordered it and got it today. I tried it wth the 45 mm cheek pads and couldn't get it over my ears. But, it fit fine with the 25 mm cheek pads.

Left: check pad width measurement (4-3/4 in).
Right: shell width measurement (6-1/4 in).

Brand/Model Type Size Cheek Width (in) Shell Width (in) Comment
HJC CL-33 Open Face L 5-1/4 7-1/4 Non removable interior. No internal sun visor
HJC CL-33 Open Face XL 5-3/4 7-1/4 Non removable interior. No internal sun visor
HJC IS-33 II Open Face 2XL 4-3/4 6-1/4 Removable interior. Internal sun visor
HJC IS-Max 2 Modular XL 3-5/8 4-5/8 Removable interior. Internal sun visor
Nolan N44 Modular XXL 4 6 Removable interior. Internal sun visor. Data reported to me.
Bell Mag 9 Sena Open Face M 4 6-5/8 Removable interior. Internal sun visor, 45 mm cheek pads
Bell Mag 9 Sena Open Face M 5-1/4 6-5/8 Removable interior. Internal sun visor, 25 mm cheek pads
AGV V-Flyer T.V. Air Full Face XL 4-3/4 8 Removable interior. Data reported to me.
Kabuto ibuki Modular XL 5 8-3/8 Removable interior. Data reported to me.

Clothing and Helmet Colors

One of the main problems motorcycles have with cars is not being seen. Remember the movies were burglars and spies dress in black so they can't be seen? Does it make sense to dress in black on a motorcycle? It makes a lot more sense to wear bright colors so you can be seen. Use an all white reflective (metallic) helmet and light colored clothing or use reflective tape so that you can be seen.

Waxing Your Windshield and Face Shield

I'm sure you have spent many hours cleaning bugs off your windshield and faceshield. Apply wax to your shields regularly and bugs will come off easily.

Winter Fuel Conditioning

Whether you are storing your bike for the winter or riding during the winter, you need to add a winter fuel conditioner to your gas tank. If not, your gasoline may harden on many of the interior engine surfaces.

Mapquest and Mobile Devices

Mapquest and Mobile Devices (pdf)


SAE 2 Pin Power Connector Wiring (pdf)

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